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  • As a former CEO, Jim understands that life gets busy, hectic, and chaotic. His focus is to help his clients work through the complex and unclear issues, and then establish initiatives that are clear, defined, and simple, whether the outcome is personal, professional, or a combination.  In the coaching process, Jim leverages 39 years of leadership, multiple methodologies, and tools to guide leaders in discovering and unleashing the greatness they already possess inside.

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  • What is stopping you from living your best life? Benefit from Jim's years of personal and professional experience and overcome those hurdles, whether in business or in life.

  • Get one-on-one input from Jim on your specific challenges. Together you will confront those barriers, define your goals and forge a clear path to success. 

  • Walk away with perspective and a solid plan, knowing you will always have a sounding board and coach in Jim.